Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Lot Happened Yesterday!

Where has time gone? Yesterday my eldest child turned 27 years old. Since we had a party for him a few days ago, Jennifer had him all to herself on his birthday. After just 2 years of marriage, she know him well. She took him to the USS Midway to see the aircraft carrier and all it's planes.

Also yesterday, Megan (my baby girl - Princess Alohalani) got her braces off. Shoot, I remember when she had the spacers first put in and the number of Aspirin she had to take to kill the pain. So completes the trilogy of all three kids having braces ... (quadrology (?) if you count Millie having had braces, too).

Again - also yesterday I started teaching my new classes, (Pre-Algebra, Science, Creative Writing, and Muscle (remedial) Math). I also teach a guitar class on Fridays for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Starting February 6th, I will be teaching guitar at Cuyamaca College, as well.

Did I mention that it rained all day yesterday? Now, if you are from Hawaii or the Northwest I know that doesn't seem like much. but for San Diego, it was like a monsoon.

Until Next Time...


Brian T. Bearchell


Friday, January 25, 2008

The Book Within Me

I love to write. So much so, I make my own pens now.
I have challenged myself to write a book. For the last year, I have been filling spiral notebooks with the life and adventures of Kate James and Devin Slater.
They were very close friends throughout high school. Devin could never get up enough nerve to ask her out on a date, though. Life changed for the both of them, as they grew apart while studying in college. Kate marries a popular athlete and finds out that he is not as nice an individual as she thought he was. Through a series of events, (including a botched robbery that became a murder), Kate finds herself running from Jack, and his friends.
While hiding on Shaw Island in the San Juan Islands, Kate is forced to re-discover her talent for painting pictures on driftwood to make a living. Could the recognition she is getting for her unique form of art be her undoing?
After writing a successful book on the history of the WA State Ferry System, Devin, has opted to live the life of a freelance writer in the Northwest.
The book includes life, love, murder, suspense and surprise.
Now if I could just finish it off ...

Friday, January 11, 2008


When you are asleep, I'm not sure you can control your dreams. But, when you are awake, there is no limit as to what you can dream. Now I suppose we all have dreams. Some people call their dreams 'visions'. Or maybe a dream is a vision with your eyes closed? As for me, call it what you want but I got them!
I know that most dreams are just dreams and not a vision of my future. But I am still a dreamer. I suppose it helps me get through the realities of the day. They give me something to look forward to - something to work toward.
People without dreams (the daytime kind) are people that are bound to live a boring life...unless they already have everything possible, and have been everywhere possible, or have met everyone possible...which I don't think is possible!

Allow yourself to think outside the box. Don't set limits on the possibilities. Don't let anyone spoil your dreams. Your dreams/visions maybe from God and not your own wants and desires. It seems to me that there were a few people in the Bible that changed the world they lived in because of dreams or visions they received from the Lord or His Angels...Abram, Jacob, Daniel, Paul, etc.

Dream On!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ready for another year? While I am not excited about another year gone by, I am excited about being alive, healthy, and in the center of God's will.

Bear and Zachery are both doing great, Millie and Megan are both awesome. I am so blessed!

Since we have moved to San Diego we have had to put our complete trust in God. One thing we have learned is that He knows what he is doing and He has proven his love to us.

The biggest lesson I've learned this year? Trust in God and He will take care of your needs!
I know that may sound cliche, but it is something that has been proven to me. God has helped us take care of even our basic needs; food, jobs, health, and a church family. We have no more corporation saying, "Don't worry about a thing. We'll take care of you...as long as you stay with us." Instead, we now have God saying, "Trust in me, in all your ways, and enjoy the life I lead you in."

This next year is going to be awesome! See you in it.